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Work-based Learning Schemes

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  • NHS TSET Aseptic Processing Interactive Learning Programme
  • Working with Substance Users Interactive Learning Programme
  • Yorkshire Pharmacy Calculations Interactive Learning Programme
  • Yorkshire Medicines Management Scheme
  • Yorkshire Accuracy Checking Framework
  • Yorkshire Pharmacy Development Framework

Staff in the Yorkshire & Humber region will be able to obtain certificates of accreditation from the Pharmacy Development Unit upon completion of the schemes.

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Latest Study Days

14JAN 2015 Coaching for Improved Performance

The aim of the day is to help delegates understand the purpose of coaching and how it differs from training. To learn more, please take a look at the flyer.

18MAR 2015 Aseptic Processing Training Study Day

The one-day training aims to support delegates in understanding their role in the aseptic preparation of products, which are fit for their intended purpose, and in reducing the risk of harm to patients. To learn more, please take a look at the flyer.

For all other study days, please visit the Courses, Events, Study Days tab at the top of the page.